How Much Value Does a Fire Pit Add to Your Omaha Home?

custom designed bowl fire pit by Omaha's Jay Moore Landscaping

How Much Value Does a Fire Pit Add to Your Omaha Home?

Outdoor fire pits have become wildly popular backyard features, and with good reason. A properly designed fire pit not only provides ambiance and enjoyment, but also adds tangible resale value to homes in Omaha. But exactly how much value does a fire pit add when selling your home?

According to a recent survey, installing an outdoor fire pit delivers an average return on investment between 75-90% for homeowners nationwide. This means that if you spend $3,000 on a fire pit, you can get back about $2,250 when you sell your Omaha property. Of course, your family can enjoy evenings around the fire for years before moving.

Popular Fire Pit Material Options

Fire pits can be constructed from materials like brick, natural stone, concrete, and granite. Brick and stone offer an attractive, traditional look that blends into landscaping. Concrete and granite are more contemporary options, sleek and modern. Each material has pros and cons regarding durability, maintenance, and cost that your landscaper can help evaluate.

Features That Enhance Function

Today’s fire pits incorporate features like adjustable flames, grill grates for cooking, spark screens for safety, ventilation for airflow, lighting for ambiance, and more. Consider which features will improve usability and enjoyment for your family’s needs.

Tips for Optimal Placement

Your landscaper will advise on optimal fire pit placement for safety, views, and utility. Allow ample clearance from structures and trees, situate away from high winds, and avoid placing too close to vegetation. Take visibility from indoor rooms into account as well.

Custom Design vs Pre-Fab

For a truly one-of-a-kind fire pit, have a custom design created specifically for your yard. Or choose a quality pre-fabricated fire pit for simplicity and cost savings. Your landscaper can help assess which option best fits your project. Custom builds typically cost more but add uniqueness.

Integrate into Hardscaping and Landscaping

Strategically place your fire pit to serve as the focal point of an outdoor living area. Complement with hardscaping like pavers, flagstone, or gravel. Incorporate additional features like comfy seating, lighting, and outdoor kitchens. Landscape with fire-resistant plants around the pit.

Properly designed and constructed, your new fire pit will not only create priceless memories, but also deliver major return on investment when you eventually sell your Omaha home. Do more with Jay Moore–contact us today to start the conversation!