Our Services

Creative Landscape Solutions

From adding new life and function to your exterior spaces to addressing issues that prevent your yard from being all it can be, we’ve cultivated a reputation for creative landscaping solutions over the past 30+ years. Our range of services means you’re able to rely on us for projects of any size or scope. Jay Moore Landscaping approaches every project with complete functionality and exceptional design in mind.

Landscape Design

Jay Moore Landscaping offers transformative exterior design services using plants, privacy screens and retaining walls, water and fire features, patios and walkways and even swimming pools. The result is greater symmetry and liveability, added privacy, improved curb appeal and enhanced outdoor entertaining space.

Landscape Maintenance

In addition to creating unique exterior environments, Jay Moore Landscaping provides landscape management services to ensure the ongoing health and beauty of greenscapes and hardscapes. From year-round maintenance to the occasional pruning, perennial and annual bed monitoring, mulching, mowing and turfcare, we offer customizable maintenance programs including one or more of these services on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Renovations and Updates

One of our specialities is introducing a new look and feel to your home’s surroundings. We can help you to reposition and remove aspects of your existing landscape that aren’t working, make recommendations for introducing new plant palettes or choices in hardscape material, and share new design techniques that will change the aesthetics of your property.

Water Issues

Water and drainage issues are common and can impact the health and appearance of your plants and property. Jay Moore Landscaping understands the conditions that can lead to water problems and the solutions that address them. Through the use of drains and surface scaping, we can channel rainwater away from structures or low-lying areas.

Container Gardens

Container gardens have enjoyed a resurgence among homeowners of all types as the line between indoor and outdoor spaces has been blurred. Regardless of the size of the space, container gardens add visual interest anywhere you want to draw the eye and can even serve as a means of directing flow throughout a space. They’re also a great way to provide privacy or screen off areas that interfere with your view. For smaller spaces and yards, we are able to design container gardens that introduce a pop of color and greenery along with the opportunity to garden on a more manageable scale.

Water and Fire Features

As elemental as plants and flowers, water and fire features create visual appeal, relaxing environments and inviting gathering spaces. Water gardens can help to enhance a landscape or address drainage issues. Ponds and waterfalls provide sensual appeal and can even be implemented as part of a pool or sitting area. Decorative and elegant or rustic and earthy, fire features are also highly desirable, providing heat and light as evenings grow colder and offering a focal point to backyard entertaining and relaxation.

Patios, Walkways and
Retaining Walls

With the amazing choices of hardscape materials, pavers and concrete treatments and textures, hardscapes are an excellent way to introduce function and appeal to your exterior living space. From raised patios and sitting walls, to pergolas, water and fire features, paths, walkways and retaining walls, the possibilities are endless.

Privacy Screens

While you want your outdoor spaces to be beautiful and inviting, you also want to have the privacy to enjoy them. Privacy screens allow you to create visual interest and appeal, while serving a practical purpose as well. Most often, they’re created using a variety of organic and hardscape materials. At Jay Moore Landscaping, we’re able to design privacy features to blend seamlessly into your landscape. From natural wood and trellises, to trees and shrubs, pavers and specialty plantings, you’ll love the result.

The Perfect Fit For Your Landscaping Needs

Regardless of the size and scope of the project, the simplicity or complexity of the design, we'll create your ideal outdoor environment that you'll enjoy for years to come.