Transforming Omaha Yards with Creative Landscaping Ideas

Blooming purple echinacea in herbal garden. Purple coneflower. Echinacea purpurea

Transforming Yards with Creative Omaha Landscape Solutions

Are you looking to give your Omaha yard a makeover but aren’t sure where to start? The landscaping experts at Jay Moore Landscaping specialize in innovative Omaha landscape solutions to enhance your outdoor space. We can work with your existing yard and landscape elements to implement creative ideas that transform it into an outdoor oasis.

Refresh Tired Garden Beds

Does your yard have overgrown or poorly maintained garden beds? Our team can reshape tired beds and borders and fill them with new plant varieties better suited for Omaha’s climate. Perennial flowers, shrubs, grasses, and ground cover bring vibrancy. Strategic annuals add seasonal pops of color. Proper mulching also keeps your gardens looking fresh.

Build a Multifunctional Patio

Instead of just a plain slab, let us design and install a unique patio for entertaining, dining, lounging, or play. Choose from pavers, stone, concrete, and tile. Incorporate aesthetic and functional features like fire pits, built-in seating, coverings, and lighting. The right patio becomes your favorite outdoor living space.

Add Personality with Hardscaping

Elements beyond plants, like pathways, walls, fences and benches add character while serving practical needs. Curving pathways guide you through the landscape. Low walls or fences increase privacy. Benches tucked away in inviting nooks create cozy spots to relax and reflect. Distinct hardscaping elevates your entire yard.

Choose Low-Maintenance Flower Alternatives

Tired of fussing over flowers with stringent care needs? Our designers recommend low-maintenance perennials, shrubs, and ground cover plants that thrive in Omaha’s climate with minimal work. Black-eyed Susans, coneflowers, and day lilies deliver color from spring to fall with simple care. Evergreens like junipers and boxwoods add year-round texture. And spreading ground covers like vinca fill in space well.

Final Thoughts on Omaha Landscape Solutions

Let Jay Moore Landscaping apply our expertise to implement creative Omaha landscape solutions that transform your yard into a personalized outdoor paradise. Contact us today for a consultation!